Climate Change Matrix

This webpage was born from a question directed my way in December 2006, “what do you think about global warming?  My reply was simply, “I don’t know enough to give you an informed opinion, but what I’ll do is research the question for the next year or two and get back with you.”   Pretty nutty, huh?  Is it loony to defer a question like that?


While it can be gratifying to the ego to respond in casual conversation with certainty, it is far more important to respond with the Truth.  My research during 2007 and 2008 has taken me to places that seemed ridiculous.  Some avenues of research led me to realize that for some people politics was more important that scientific integrity. A conversation with people on both sides of the issue has been in some cases very disappointing. In more than one case I’ve lost respect for individuals who are playing politics with science. Wading through the political dung heaps that surround this issue was pure olfactory insult.   I uncovered perversions of persuasion, money passed under the table, censorship, propaganda, bold lies, “junk science”, amongst those who had no political axe to grind.  An entire catalog of logical fallacies are creatively employed by writers on this topic: ad hominen, ad nauseum, appeal to authority, appeal to fear, false dilemma, bare assertion fallacy, arguementum ad ignorantiam, begging the question, etc., enough to keep a professional philosopher busy for decades trying to sort out the valid truth claims from the nonsense.


The heart of the matter is going to be the answer to this question, “to what extent, if any, does mankind contribute to climate change and if he does contribute to climate change, is there anything that can be done to ameliorate (reduce, eliminate ) those effects?


This is the question that drove my inquiry, and provided the information presented below. This website will attempt to separate the wheat from the chaff, the science from the nonsense, the truth from the lies.  Some of the links reference educational sources that will define basic terms of the debate, including scientific method, logic, etc. I hope you enjoy finding out the difference between Science and pseudo science.



On The Offense:


A Layman's Guide to the Science and Controversy


How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic


Examining the Science of Global Warming Skepticism


US Government Global Change Research Program


The Discovery of Global Warming


WIKIPEDIA: Scientific Opinion on Climate Change


Promoting Integrity in the Use of Climate Science In Government


Climate Science from Climate Scientists


The Pew Center on Global Climate Change


Get Informed and Let It Change You-A Risk Management Approach


Lloyds of London's - Climate Change Risk - Adapt or Bust



Position Statements by Scientific Organizations:


AAAS: The American Association for the Advancement of Science       and its statement:

262 Societies and Academies of Science reaching 10 million individuals


AAS: African Academy of Sciences

the network of AAS groups issued this statement:

162 members, 28 countries


ACS: American Chemical Society

and its statement:

11,474 members


AGU: The American Geophysical Union

and its statement:

50,000 members


AIP: American Institute of Physics

and its statement:

125,000 members


AMS: The American Meteorological Society

and its statement:

12,000 members


APS: The American Physical Society   

and its statement:

46,000 members


CMOS: Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society

and its statement:

1,100 members


EA: Engineers Australia

and its statement:


EGU: European Geosciences Union

and its statement

9,000 members 


ESF: European Science Foundation

and its statement:[file]=9227&p[dl]=1&p[pid]=4051&p[site]=European%20Science%20Foundation&p[t]=1217533147&hash=9f53101436830daa3da42dfcabc57257&l=en

77 member organizations, 30 countries



GISS: Goddard Institute for Space Studies

and its research:


GSA: The Geological Society of America

and its statement:

21,000 members in 85 countries


IAP: Interacademy Panel

and its statement:

98 Science Academies


IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

and its statement:


NA: The National Academies

and their statement



NOAA's NCDC: National Climatic Data Center

and its statement:


SOCC: State of the Canadian Cyrosphere

and its statement:


UCAR: University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

and its statement:


UCS: Union of Concerned Scientists

and its statement:

200,000 members


The Climate Change Blogosphere:


An Insiders View of Climate Science, Politics and Solutions


Environmental News and Commentary


Digg It - Environment


Climate Feedback


Climate Change


Al Gore's Blog


The Earth Blog


Blistered Orb


Open Mind


In Balance


Dot Earth




A New Way To Understand Disputes About Global Warming




Climate Code Red


Hadley Centre Publications


IPCC Publications


EPA Publications on Global Warming


The Select Committee on Energy Independence & Global Warming


Understanding and Responding to Climate Change - 2008



WMO WDCGG Publications

WMO Greenhouse Gases Bulletin







Environmental News Courtesy of Reuters

ScienceDaily's Climate News

Climate Ark

Climate Change News

Sci Dev Net

New Scientist - Environment

Nature Publishing Group

Scientific American: Global Warming

Times of India - Earth - Global Warming

BBC - Climate Change








NASA Climate

NOAA Climate

WMO Climate

UK Met Hadley Centre

US - The National Academies

Germany - Umweltbundesamt

Sweden - Natur Vards Verket

South Africa - Climate Systems Analysis Group

Australia - Bureau of Meteorology - Climate

Germany - Potsdam Institute for Climate Research

UK - Environmental Research Letters

Africa - ACCESS Africa Centre for Climate and Earth System Science

US - American Geophysical Research Letters

NAT GEO: National Geographic

Japan - World Data Centre for Greenhouse Gases

Japan - Tokyo Climate Center's Global Warming & Climate Change Monitoring







US Department of Energy

EPA: The Environmental Protection Agency

and its statement:


The World Bank

 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change










ADVOCACY – Make a Difference


Climate Institute

The Climate Group

WE Can Solve It

Climate Solutions

Climate Action Network

WWF - Climate Change- Solutions-Actions

Climate Hot Map - Solutions

The Nature Conservancy

National Wildlife Action - USA Today Ad on Behalf of Hunters

704 Hunters and Anglers Groups Tackle Global Warming

Fight Global Warming












AMS Broadcast Meteorologist Survey - #5 & #6 on Global Warming


EESI Collection of Surveys


Gallup Poll - Little Increase in American's Worries


Global Warming Survey


NYC Global Warming Survey


Pew Research - Global Warming Causes & Solutions










Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.   

Samuel Johnson